29. Earthrise

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Watching a documentary on Apollo 8, the first manned trip around the moon, the iconic image of the Earth seen ‘rising’ on the moon’s surface took on added importance and emotion.  It was an awe-inspiring (and an unexpected/lucky) first glimpse of our complete planet by humans.  To me, the image encapsulates everything about this planet being small, fragile, a common source of our air and water, and a home for ALL humans.  I can’t begin to imagine the depth of emotion one would feel when traversing the deep-frozen barren and airless void space in a ‘tin can’, wearing a space suit for safety for weeks/months on end, and then seeing our 'home' so close at arm’s length ... but possibly unreachable and being choked by humanity.
I regard this song as perhaps my best ecological comment  – short, tuneful, and evocative but without needing any specifics in the lyrics.


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