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Greg Barnett

Gold Coast, Australia

Greg Barnett was born in UK in the early 1950’s and has ended up on the Gold Coast (Queensland, Australia) via several sliding doors.

Greg grew up listening to show tunes and variety music and was influenced in his teens by the Beatles, and all the subsequent innovations in pop, rock and folk. He also recalls how deeply sound effects on the radio triggered his imagination. This album reflects many of these influences.

Greg is content NOT performing ... it’s just too much hassle. But he still wants to make music and videos. With two previous successful collaborations that led to co-written albums, Greg is always open to collaborations although, from experience, he knows the liklihood is rare.

Following a creative dry spell after the music/video efforts for 'Prescient', the music itch returned with a vengeance. This triple-album was a way to clear the decks of all new and old material. The 'story' behind THE FLAT WHITE ALBUM, the creation of each song, and the production process is given in the companion Songbook. This and other useful links are shown below:

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