30. Frogs in a Pan

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There are many younger folk these days who aren’t familiar with the old sayings that were drummed into us as kids.  E.g. I recently said “suck it and see” to a young man during computer training ... his face blanched and I had to hastily explain the original meaning.
The phrase “like frogs in a pan” refers to the old animal-behaviour observation (apparently now debunked) that if you put a frog in pan of hot water, it will jump out straight away. But put a frog in a pan of ordinary water and slowly raise the temperature, the frog will remain there until it dies from overheating. 
It makes a great metaphor for perhaps why people aren’t at the barricades demanding adoption of all possible measures to reduce the steady increases in CO2,  global average temperatures, and extremes of temperature/rainfall/drought/winds, etc., etc..
Or perhaps I’m just “toadying” to the Greens?


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