01. The C-Bomb

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It’s getting harder to raise Climate issues in normal conversation ... hence the title. People either think it’s a lie perpetuated by those ‘well-paid’ self-interested scientists (according to right wing politicians and religious fundamentalists!), are too scared by what it means for our future, are unwilling to change their lifestyle, or just find it all too depressing to talk about.
After many revisions of the lyrics, it remained a looong song. But there was nothing I felt happy about discarding, plus I still wanted to keep the new ‘house made of sticks’ lines as it made for a good conclusion to the ‘argument’. Increasing the tempo by 20% not only helped the song but also shaved a minute off the total time. Playing the instrumental break with only one chord per bar (double the rate in the verses) also helped with length and general feel.
The “Comedy of Life” ending remains exactly the same as it was in the very first draft ... it seemed to write itself. Only when mixing the demo did I slow it back down to the tempo of the ‘choir’ intro.
Doom and gloom? In my view, over-population, unfettered capitalism and technology, and ‘democracy’ which lets everyone have an equal say in every decision, have all lead to our current perilous state but I’m truly optimistic that technology can (and is the only quick-fix to) remedy climate change. It requires global coordination to fund science and to hold the rich and powerful to account for damaging the environment for their own gain.
This was my first use of an audio trick known as “ducking” ... all the third-party speech tracks were combined and then used to compress (reduce) the volume of the choir and acoustic guitar so that, instead of being drowne

This video was a Music Video semi-finalist at the Sweden Film Awards, Deceomber 2020. Perhaps it was a stroke of strategic genius to submit my most outspoken 'climate' piece to a competition in Greta Thunberg's homeland, with the video containing an end-slide with one of her quotes. Quite funny really if the subject matter itself wasn't so catastrophic.


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