11. Fairytale

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Katina Michael had provided the ideas behind The Cloud/Uberveillance (Prescient album) and recorded the spoken words used on the track.  She sent me an original poem/lyric by her then 8-yr old daughter Eleni in response to my invitation for lyrics.   It was wonderfully fresh and naïve, and I shaped it to my musical style and fleshed it out with a story arc and ‘conclusion’. 
To me it conjured up ideas of a young girl who’s into princesses and fairies, and a young boy, a neighbour or schoolfriend, who was happy to join the young girl and get caught up in her fantasy world.  The third verse is either one of them as they embark on their adult lives, older and cynical parting as now-indifferent friends.
To make this work required a young boy and girl of primary school age with immature but tuneful singing voices. Unfortunately Eleni had the righteous anger of an 8-yr old that I had (completely by mistake) put her lyrics to a different tune, and she refused to sing it.  By association this also ruled out her younger brother singing the second verse!  Being a stubborn man 60 years her senior, I wasn’t going to change MY mind either 😊   It was an embarrassingly tough ask for an old man seek out and find other young kids (e.g. via singing schools) and I gave up after a few tentative enquiries.
So I ended up changing the first two verses from first-person narrative to third person.  The full original poem is included in the sheet music.


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