07. String Theory

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Stephen Hartigan is a keen yachtsman and a friend from way back in high school. On my last trip back to the UK in 2013 he invited me to crew his boat in the Isle of Wight “Round The Island” Race (approx 1500 yachts!) during which I took footage on a mobile phone and made a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQv80wkyBPA.  
He sent me a few lines about relationships as a sailing metaphor (at least that’s how I read it!).  I ran with it and expanded it to cover closeness AND breaking up. 
Rope is made from string ... it’s the braiding that gives it strength.  The word ‘string’ in the original text led me to ‘String Theory’.   And Quantum Theory is a prevailing counterpoint to String Theory for the unifying theory of everything in modern physics.  Pretentious?  Obviously!

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