08. A Little Death

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The verse chords and their choppy rhythm arrived several weeks before the lyrics or even the concept.  Death has always been a preoccupation and it amused me that the ‘Little Death’ (‘La Petite Mort’) was a euphemism for orgasm in Victorian times.  An almost exact opposite meaning yet some of the ‘symptoms’ are nearly the same.  It was fun to devise lyrics which were not sexually explicit in any way and could be talking about the actual death experience, i.e. completely open to interpretation.
With my guitar normally being tuned down 2 semitones, and then the bottom string tuned down a further 2 as drop-D (so now a concert-pitch C), the opening riff sounds quite unusual as it goes much deeper than a listener of guitar music would normally expect.
This track uses the original demo guitar and vocal from a year beforehand (complete with signal hiss on guitar).  I didn’t think I’d be able to improve it and was more concerned that the crusade for accuracy might actually ‘kill’ the vibe which I had luckily captured on first take.


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