19. Promise

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The opening riff had been around for weeks before the rest suddenly fell into shape.  I especially liked building the string parts over the guitar ... a bit ‘War of the Worlds’-ish, or ELO.
Regarding the very last few lead-guitar notes, in Pro Tools I had dragged a clip of notes off to the right of screen and forgotten about it. As I added more sections to the song, the length grew and, by a fluke, joined up with discarded notes ... which came in out of the blue during a playback but at a perfect juncture in the fade out (shocking the heck out of me as it was so unexpected).
Originally titled “One”,  it was going to finish on a crowd chanting/fading at the end ...
One change, one chance, one voice, one fear
(we’ve got to stop killing the atmosphere)
One time, one world, one land, one sea
(we’ve got to stop thinking that it’s here for free)
One truth, one heart, one life, one hope
One, one, one, one, one ...

... but I couldn’t get ‘multiple voices’ sounding like a protesting crowd, so I gave up on it.


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