05. Sunrise

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This was a guitar sequence from around 2004 and was in the pile of pieces which eventually made it into Suite, but it would have to be shoe-horned in as it has quite a different feel to the rest.  So I developed it separately here.  Structured like In Two Minds (Not All It Seems) and also The Coast (Prescient), all my instrumentals appear to have a common basic structure ... one complete section played twice (AB-AB), and simply built up with a bit more production in the second half. 
The guitar chord changes and runs have a similar style to many of James Taylor’s songs that I’ve played for decades and have seeped into my muscle memory.
In an attempt to differentiate this instrumental from others which have the same melody in the second half but with different ‘bigger’ instrument, I’ve tried to expand it with a second instrument ‘dancing’ with the first.  I surprised myself how quickly this happened and how well it fitted. I think the inspiration for this approach was influenced by Chicago’s arrangements in the non-rock suite on Side 3 of the Chicago II ‘Steel’ album (e.g. Prelude).
With later polishes I discovered that a ‘real’ solo violin, beautiful in isolation, sounded like a reed instrument in this mix, so I went back to a synthesised violin from XPand2!  The second half brings in a real violin section which sounds quite natural, along with real flute.


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