10. Scent of Summer

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Martin: Under pressure to meet a deadline for the competition that Greg had entered us into,  I sat down one evening after a few glasses of wine and the lyric to “Scent of Summer” pretty much came out in about half an hour. To this day I have no real idea as to what inspired it (the wine!)
I found a chord sequence and the song took shape quite quickly thereafter - except that I soon discovered that I had left myself in a singing key out of my range. A quick transposition fixed that and Greg added his parts and away we went.


Greg: The piano piece was created on a real piano in the initial key and a lot slower than the final song. With the drums no longer the time keeper, the arpeggio starts at the song rhythm but quickly slows to suit the melancholic melody. I played the original "easy key" version on keyboard and transposed down with a drag of the mouse!

This is the only track featuring 3 acoustic guitars, and Martin did a fab mixing job to highlight each one. Several months of hard graft and learning on our computers made the later mixes far more professional.

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