8. Running From Red

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Martin: My mother grew up on a farm in Prussia and was displaced through the Russian invasion during WW2. Her family was split up and they became refugees. They eventually were all re-united many years later. The lyric is based around that story.
The riffs/chords came from noodling on an acoustic guitar and the melody just fell into place from the chord sequences.
Sound FX include the Soviet Army Choir singing the then national anthem, plus multiple sirens, tanks, jets, infantry.


Greg: Often one can't find the 'right' sound effect, e.g. modern tanks sound far too smooth, unlike the clanking we all remember from WWll films. A couple of noisy tractors did the job. Care was also taken with the end sequence to slowly pan everything so that the battle seemed to 'move'. Unfortunately I didn't pan from right to left to mirror the Soviet advance shown in the video!

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