11. Worlds Apart

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Greg: This song and In Two Minds were done during our recording at Excalibur Studio but, with only one take each, they sounded pretty weak in comparison to the other tracks, so we agreed to drop it from the final album. But due to the long delay in the mastering process I booked some time on my own to record it with Adrian at Bignote as he was now back and available. The evening before, it struck me that by changing the verse order, the lyrical “story” has a much better balance ... girl, boy, world (rather than world, girl, boy). The same recording technique was used, playing the guitar in front of a microphone for the whole song, playing the breaks separately, singing against the guitar track, then adding additional sounds and effects. One difference was 25 to record the guitar through the internal pickup to a separate track to thicken the sound. Because this was a solo effort, I also asked Adrian to autodouble track my voice in the chorus to give some extra oomph and, on hearing the final mix, I also asked him to supply an echo at the end of each line in the chorus. The keyboard strings were always part of the original arrangement although, on hearing the final mix, I decided to drop some of the string 3rd and 5th harmonies to make for a less muddled sound. There were several new things - double-tracked voice, timed echoes on both voice and guitar, harmonising with myself. It was a real buzz. Except I had no reality check – Mike had helped curb some of my previous excesses. Engineers are too politic (the customer is paying them) to say if something is crap or could be done better! Anyway, watching the clock you have to say “OK” at some point and move on.


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