10. Gonna Get You

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Greg: We had already worked out in advance how this was going to be played – Mike always fancied a shuffle beat. I had bought some brushes and had developed a passable shuffle and there were drums in the corner of the recording room. It was something I was sweating over though. Duncan again came to the rescue. He gave us a basic MIDI shuffle drum track to play against (in the headphones). Perhaps at this stage we were relaxed and focused enough to play in tempo (or perhaps a fuller drum sound is easier to follow than a standard barebones click track). With four verses, we agreed that my guitar would not join in until the second verse. There was always going to be a fade out at the end with both guitars ragging away. It was only when listening to the mix that it sounded so good, and varied enough, that we kept it going for two full repeats before fading out. It was only while I listened to Mike put down the (only) vocal track that I started thinking of a chorus harmony and when he finished I rushed in to do mine ... but buggered if I could hit it when trying to sing along. Both Mike and Duncan told me to calm down and it all went smoothly after that. Duncan spent some time randomising the drum track and throwing in a few hi hats and cymbals and other trills and frills (all via the keyboard). He’d obviously done it before!

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