6. Clay Shapes

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Greg: This song went through multiple revisions - perhaps there are just too many musical ideas being made to mesh: the verse alone could probably be split into a verse and chorus. The chorus (“the same clay air and water”) was only finalised the weekend before recording! And I was determined to make the classical piece work. This particular passage comes from one of Mozart’s Variations (the one that sounds like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star) and is the part that goes way off from the recurrent theme. It has haunted me ever since I first played it on piano and I felt it might fit when I was looking for a middle break -- fortunately it fitted without any transposing. Overdubbing the strings with the guitar also helped meld the different sections. The first mix was OK, but the piece sounded “bolted on” rather than being an integral part. We had another go at remixing it at Bignote. Adrian changed the synthesised sound from a full lush orchestra to a thinner set of strings. We also better dovetailed the overlapping with the guitars at the start and end of the break to make the transition more fluid. Love to have had more time to work on it, but I think it’s much much closer to the original concept. In all the rush, I also forgot to add the bass strings in the arrangement for the last verse - but I can’t say it suffers much as a result.


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