3. Mad About It

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Greg: Originally NOT Mad About It, the song’s title is now more at odds with its contents (and therefore more in keeping with our final album theme). It was quite unusual for me to actually start writing a song in E major, but it allowed the use of a number of chord shapes that didn’t fit with other songs. The first instrumental break is a change of key and is a riff I created during my university days - I remember working on it in a house in Ealing (London) that I shared with a bunch of Aussies I had travelled with by boat to the UK. I’ve resurrected it several times over the years and now it slotted in very comfortably, providing a light change in an otherwise moody song. Partly autobiographical - I still remember the pain and shock of being made redundant in 1991 - I wonder how much bad luck can pile up for some unfortunate people. The last instrumental break required dubbing in on the lead. The original beat/strumming was done on 12-string and the “lead” guitar on my Yamaha FG. However some of the lower notes on the lead didn’t shine through the strumming, so I replayed several lead notes on the 12-string, Duncan spliced notes from the two takes.


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