7. Home Is Where The Heart is

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Greg: When Cynthia provided the lyrics for Ferry, I implored my wife Elaine to give me some lyrics about her feeling so homesick about the UK. She’s very eloquent with words when she wants to be (she does great greeting-card verse for special occasions) and she said she would – she was leaving for a month’s holiday back in the UK. Towards the end of her absence, I sat at the piano played a chord, sang the phrase “home is where the heart is”, put “if” in front, and a whole set of options started appearing on the keyboard. The hardest part in this song was the instrumental break at the end of the chorus. The chord changes were fabulous to experiment with, but they tended to go on forever without ever resolving themselves to a point I could start another verse! Or I’d suddenly get there but not remember the sequence of chords I had played! After a half-hour session each evening for a week, I finally cracked it. I would dearly have liked to have some help with arranging this song - without extensive lyrical content, some parts of the chorus seem a bit sparse. When I sang the first phrase I imagined it as the perfect song for Rod Stewart - a roving lad seeking someone to commit to now that he’s older and wiser. His agent hasn’t replied as yet!


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