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Greg: This is the second song we wrote. Again Mike took the words and came up with the feel and theme. I helped with a few chord changes to structure the verse better and then added a chorus. The slide guitar came much later while I was diddling around. Four notes struck me as an ideal textural intro to the rather “bluesy” chords in the verse. The new part developed into a complete theme which dovetailed into the verse and I used it again to close the song. I felt another instrumental was required - don’t know why - just another challenge I think. The screaming lead sound was a dream of mine (I’ve never been able to do a lead like this) and also to offset the other more mellow guitar sounds in the song. I played it on an electric guitar with the idea that it would be boosted with effects to the sound you hear on the CD. No such gizmo was available. I had to achieve this sound. Duncan went through his MIDI guitar sound bank and I picked “Overdrive” as what I wanted. I showed Duncan which notes to play on the keyboard and he recorded it. The bend notes were achieved with the pitch wheel but he needed some guidance as to which notes to bend up/down as he is not a guitarist. The final mix was exactly what I wanted. The last tweak was on the closing harmonics. As these get higher on an acoustic guitar they have less strength. While sounding fine, it sounded if the song was drifting away instead of building to a climax. I asked Duncan to increase the levels on each note so there was a steady increase in volume. The effect is quite unsettling, but again what I wanted to hear.

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