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"The Beatles" (1968), better known as "The White Album", was one of the many pivotal albums of my teenage years. "The Flat White Album", also has 30 tracks and gathers new and previously unreleased material. It has a simpler production approach compared to "Prescient" (like the Beatles after "Sgt. Pepper"). The mix of songs and instrumentals features acoustic 12-string guitar, gentle vibes, and message-based lyrics. The album was 100% home recorded/produced and music sheet PDFs are freely available for every track
In a world first, you can separately download just the instruments (stems) you want so you can play your own part on top (e.g. vocal, drums, guitar, etc.).

PRESCIENT - Nothing At All

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12-track album cowritten by Martin Hale and Greg Barnett (2015)

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100% our own technical skills including: song writing, musical arrangement, performing, recording, editing, mixing, mastering, global digital distribution, artwork, and video creation/editing.

NOT ALL IT SEEMS - Mike and Greg

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12-track album cowritten by Mike Levy and Greg Barnett (2002)

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Our own songs, arrangements, performance and production. Recorded, engineered, edited and mastered by a professional studio. Hands-on digital distribution and artwork.

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