All prices shown are ex-GST


  • analysing requirements and offering solutions
  • contract work - creating new material or updating/modifying existing material e.g. documents, spreadsheets, presentations, designs, images, video, photography

TRAINING - at MY premises - $75/hr (bus.hours only)

  • Hours charged = You determine session length (min. 2-hrs)
  • and you bring your own laptop hardware/software

TRAINING - at YOUR premises - $75/hr

Evenings/Weekends may be available by negotation, but will attract a 30% surcharge

  • Hours charged = time onsite + travel time (by prior negotiation and written agreement).
    - You determine session length (min. 2-hrs), no. of people, no. of sessions.
    - You provide the training environment incl. hardware/software for your staff.
    - I bring my own laptop hardware/software

Additional OPTIONS I offer for YOUR premises:

  • HD ultra bright Projector available for on-site training
  • Regional, rural and interstate travel by negotiation and written agreement

How you can reduce training costs per person by
providing your own computers in your own meeting rooms

- prices shown in the graph are ex-GST.
- use the prices above as a general guide only (they may likely be less!).
- your own quote will be determined after discussing specific requirements, travel, time on site, etc..