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"Clancys" is a private IT consulting/contracting business, established on the Gold Coast in 1995.

Greg Barnett, whether in his corporate career since 1977 or as the principal of Clancys, has successfully managed many major IT projects to completion. Now semi-retired, Greg will still consider requests for assistance. IT keeps changing but the core issues of project design, product choice, costing, training, introduction and operations remain the same. Suppliers have one goal ... to sell their product ... they do NOT have your best interests at heart. It takes experience to know how to conduct discussions and negotiations involving IT 'solutions'. Few products/services will fulfil the hype, be delivered on time, meet the initial budget, nor avoid the 'unforseen' overheads that need increased management, manpower, time and money.

However, extra costs and frustration can be minimised (though never avoided completely) by, in the inital stages, more focused research of products/companies, a clear assessment of requirements, hard questioning of suppliers to clarify vague promises and written evidence of all claims/promises, crystal clear but concise contracts, and the onus of penalties being placed on BOTH parties. Skepticism and cyncisim must be key components of the initial phases, and constant vigilance thereafter.

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RATES: $75/hr plus GST

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