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"Clancys" is an IT professional contractor established on the Gold Coast in 1995 and a leader in computer training since 2007, specialising in the ubiquitous Microsoft Office and also common creative software.

Greg, your contact, has significant experience in corporate Australia and assisting small business. He believes that understanding a program's strengths and weaknesses, and efficient usage, are the keys to success whether working for yourself or for someone else. He can produce great results for you (spreadshseets, publications, multimedia etc.) or show you the best ways to do so yourself.

SPECIAL NOTICE: Clancys has commenced creating videos to replace current in-person training. Several videos will be free and provide insights into some key areas of everyday computer use, and will start appearing soon. Besides being of great use, these will help you determine whether other paid-for videos are worth their nominal charge (a small fraction of the price of the normal in-person training). The first paid-for video series in 2019 will cover EXCEL as this has been by far the most popularly requested workshop.

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